Thursday July 15th,the unnecessary Chinook non-retention will finally be over.

Click below for latest Chinook regulations:

Here are some of the main species you can retain in our area:

  • Chinook 62-80 cm (marked or unmarked) one
  • ling Cod 65cm or larger one
  • rock fish 1 no min size one
  • yellow eye closed
  • Halibut (read the front of your tidal license)

The Chinook fishing has been very good so be prepared to be catching in pretty much all popular spots. Here is a list of recent hot-spots.

  • Thunder bay & St Vincent Bay this past week very good.
  • Grant Reefs you will get a work out.
  • Coho Pt This area will be steady all summer.
  • Lund Area Enjoy your fish.
  • Harwood Pick your side

Anglers trolling are fishing mostly 160-200′ of cable however areas like Coho Pt and grants try 60-100′ also. Be sure to get yourself a few jigs, start your trip off with jigging and you may not touch your downriggers. Find the bait and jig away .Here are a few lures you want to have.

  • Loony Spoon (New kid on the block)
  • Peetz spoons (Kymos Fav)
  • Skinny G (Catches fat fish)
  • Coho Killer ( Catches all species)
  • Coyote Spoon (Hall of fame) cop car & wonderbread
  • Mac deep (Wayne Gretzky of jigs)

These are just a few lures that will get your boat smelling like fish, so stop in at Pro if you need to stock up. Be sure to also have a measuring device, a Rock Fish Descender, a Gaff and ice for your catch on board. Whenever possible try not to net the fish you are not going to keep. Watch out for the net police they will yell at you…lol they have never netted a fish in there career apparently. If you want to yell at someone use your lungs on D.F.O. Dead Fish Organization! Why does my blood pressure rise when I hear those words.

The boat launch and Parking are going to be very busy the next while so you may find there is no room for your vehicle and trailer …Just a heads up.. Thunder Bay is an option, lots of parking there and good fishing.. The boat launch sucks though, so be careful. Gibsons Beach same thing. Any questions call 604-485-4868 or stop in as Pro is well stocked and ready to go.


Firearms Course & C.O.R.E

There still are spots available for C.O.R.E. challenge on July 26 (call Sam for details 604-485-4868)There may also be a few spots left for the R-PAL course on July 26(call Sam) the long gun courses are both full..


Grizzlies around Camp B and Freda Creek

The two young Grizzlies are still in this area, i watched them for over an hour swimming in and around the camp b fish farm. Just a heads up if you are in this area, keep your pets on a leash or avoid the area as they will probably be there all summer.

Well time to get to the shop, looking forward to this week…See you at PRO and remember to thank the bounty…Sam Out!


This Chinook liked the Skinny G..